Talking to customers can be scary.

It is nevertheless critical to your venture's success.

This program sets you up for learning.

How does it work?


Step 1:

Let's review your Customer Persona *, Value Proposition * & Business Model * 

Step 2:

Prepare the interview guide: define pre-screening, select the right questions, define flow, rehearsal... 

Step 3:

Deliver customer interviews & collect data

- possibility to join initial interviews to provide feedback

Step 4:

Debrief workshop: let's go through all the learning and feedback received. Which hypotheses have been validated? 

* Note: these should be already developed - if you need help consider our Pressure Test offer

During the discovery call, we define together the scope of the workshop. 

From € 850

Cost varies based on number of interviews joined.


  • Cost including taxes.

  • All information exchanged are confidential and subject to non-disclosure to 3rd parties.

  • The sessions are delivered using Google Meet & Miro.

  • Invoice will be sent before start. 

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