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 💡 Founder Idea Fit

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and design Thriving, Empathic & Resilient businesses.

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Build on strong foundations

As a first-time founder, you search for guidance, tools and resources to build a resilient venture.

The pre-incubation cohort-based course for Impact entrepreneurs. Explore.

A 3h workshop to get feedback on what you have built to date and co-create your venture. Explore.

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Clarify your vision

As a founder, you are often driven by a vision. 

Your challenge is to articulate this vision for others. Be it early employees, investors, partners and customers. 

An assessment to highlight whether you are working on the right idea. Explore.

A framework and canvas to lay down your vision as a founder. Explore.


Take complex decisions

As a founder or entrepreneur, you have to make a lot of decisions. You are facing complex and critical decisions that can make or break your company.

A 30-minute session to bounce ideas off.  Explore.

Focused 1to1 coaching programs to make progress:

  • Get on Track

  • Accelerate

  • Tailored



Prioritize tasks

As a founder or entrepreneur, you are overworked and overloaded. Competing priorities and long to-dos. How do you focus on what is important?

A weekly check-in with feedback to keep you on track. Explore.

A tool to help you prioritize your key tasks. Buy now.


Get ready for Growth

Scaling your business is critical to scale your Impact. With strong foundation, you are now ready for the next step.

Get actionable feedback on your Pitch Deck.

Within 3 working days, with revisions.



"When we started working together, we were stuck on the Feasibility side and in search of a perfect product-market fit for our gamified CPR solution. Over 3 months, Remi helped us to refine our Business Model and work on the Customer Experience for our main target groups: schools, their teachers and students."

Sam S. & David H. - I Save Lives

"I had proven the Desirability of Pleasure Society with a growing community. However, it was challenging to identify the Viability model to be implemented. Working over 3 months, Remi helped me to refine and validate the monetization opportunities."

Shari K. - Pleasure Society

"I had iterated through different ideas but had failed to turn them into business models with product-market fit. Over 3 months, Remi helped me to ideate new concepts and test assumptions to develop successful value propositions."

Danny J.  - The Social Chef

"The sessions with Remi have been incredibly efficient. He challenged and then helped to crystallize Unspendr's vision and value proposition. He played a crucial role in defining our partnership strategy and assisted in creating a solid business model. He can zoom in and out depending on our needs: from high level strategy to detailed operation challenges. His advice has been strategic and practical at the same time, each session's outcome helped us to move further. He is a true sparring partner helping you achieve more."

 Galina D.  - Unspendr


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