Helping early stage Impact Founders to reach

 💡 Founder Idea Fit

🎁 Product Market Fit

and design Thriving, Empathic & Resilient businesses.


Working side-by-side to keep you on track and co-create your Impact venture.

A weekly check-in with feedback to keep you on track. Explore.

A 30-minute session to bounce ideas off.  Explore.

Focused 1to1 coaching programs to make progress:

  • Get on Track

  • Accelerate

  • Tailored



Let's review what you have built so far and provide some suggestions and guidance for you to take forward.

A 3h workshop to get feedback on what you have built to date and co-create your venture. Explore.

A 4-step program to build confidence for Customer Interview & Discovery. Explore.

An assessment to highlight whether you are working on the right idea. Explore.

Get actionable feedback on your Pitch Deck.

Within 3 working days, with revisions.



Solutions to consume at your own rhythm.

A guide to explore the concept of Founder - Fit, including 37 questions to help you identify your Fit. Buy now.

A manual detailing the 7 steps to select the right cofounder(s). Buy now.

A framework and canvas to lay down your vision as a founder. Explore.

A tool to help you prioritize your key tasks. Buy now.

Questions about which offer is best for you? Book a discovery call.