As founder or entrepreneur, you continuously have to make decisions.


What if you could have a sparring partner to bounce your ideas off?

That's why we created our Sparring Partner Sessions

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Get a fresh perspective on your ideas - no bias based on kinship or time-sink

Take it or leave it - you are the best judge of the advices' value and potential

No strings attached - this is not the first step of our marketing funnel :)

How does it work?

A 30-minute online video call.

Cost: € 70.

Need more time?

Book a second timeslot or check our offering.

Discover our report on Decision Making & Entrepreneurship!


  • Cost including taxes.

  • All information exchanged are confidential and subject to non-disclosure to 3rd parties.

  • The session is delivered using Google Meet. 

  • We accept participants speaking in English, French or Italian.

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