Test and refine your startup ideas

with our Coaching Programs designed for startups!

Whether you need help to review your business model canvas, adjust your value proposition, work on your customer journey mapping, prepare and practice your pitch… participating in a coaching program provide you a sparring partner to test and refine your ideas over a period of 4 to 8 weeks.

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- Duration: 4 weeks

- 4 hours of coaching [1-to-1 meeting time]

- Unlimited exchange via email over the program duration 

- Pick your price within the 300 to 500 euros range (1)



- Duration: 8 weeks

- 12 hours of coaching [1-to-1 meeting time]

- Unlimited exchange via email over 12 weeks

- € 1200 per startup - excluding taxes (2)

Why choose our programs?

There are numerous startup programs, online courses and other formats out there. So why pick ours? 

Most startup programs include multiple startups over a set period of time (usually 3 to 6 months). You join a cohort with other startups often at a different stage and sometimes in a different industry or vertical. While these programs can be great for networking or the emulation of fellow participants, from our experience, they can lack a support tuned to your specific needs. Other programs include mentoring or coaching but this is mostly as a side offering from the main content. 

Our Startup programs put mentoring at their cores. While we work with several startups, each program is individually tailored to your needs based on your team, your startup stage and your industry.




In-take call

An introduction meeting to get to know each other and discuss how to best structure the program to respond to your needs & objectives.




After in-take you can decide to pursue or quit the program at no costs.





Frequency of meeting over the program duration according to the planning discussed during in-take.





Review of your achievements based to your objectives. Evaluation of the program.



Book your intake call

You will be taken to a Calendly registration.


  • All information exchanged are confidential and subject to non-disclosure to 3rd parties.

  • Applications will be screened. Make sure to provide all the necessary information.

  • Maximum 3 participants per startup. We recommend 2 participants to make the most of the program.

  • The program is fully remote.

(1) After the program, you can pick a price (within the 300 to 500 euros range) that feels right based on the value you obtained. No questions asked. You will receive the invoice afterwards.

(2) Payment after the intake process.

Coaching expenses

For clients / companies based in the Netherlands:

Usually coaching is tax deductible as ‘educational expenses’. To claim this, there has to be a connection with income acquisition and/or an improvement at the job market. Please inform your accountant or visit the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities. Self-employed / ZZP – You can declare coaching as operation costs when it’s relevant for your company or job. If you doubt, please check with your accountant or visit the website of de Belastingdienst.


For clients / companies based internationally:

For companies, VAT can be reversed charge if you share your VAT ID with us. For private clients, you will have to pay 21% VAT. 


Please note, these information are for guidance only based on accounting regulation at the time of publication. Always check with your own accountant and country regulations.


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